ORIGIN : China.

PATRONAGE : Great Britain. 

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Leonine in appearance with alert and intelligent expression. Small, well balanced, moderately thick-set with great dignity and quality. Any signs of respiratory distress for any reason or inability to move soundly are unacceptable and should be heavily penalised. Not excessively coated.

BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT : Fearless, loyal, aloof, not timid or aggressive.

HEAD : Fairly large, proportionately wider than deep.

CRANIAL REGION : Skull : Moderately broad, wide and flat between ears; not domed; wide between eyes. Stop : Defined.

FACIAL REGION : Black pigment essential on nose, lips and eye rims. Nose : Not too short, broad, nostrils large and open. A slight wrinkle, preferably broken, may extend from the cheeks to the bridge of nose in a wide inverted “V”. This must never adversely affect or obscure eyes or nose.

Pinched nostrils and heavy over-nose wrinkles are unacceptable and should be heavily penalised. Muzzle : Must be evident, but may be relatively short and wide. Firm underjaw. Lips : Level lips. Must not show teeth or tongue; nor obscuring a well defined chin. Eyes : Clear, round, dark lustrous and not too large. Free from obvious eye problems. Ears : Leathers heart-shaped, set level with the skull, carried close to the head and not coming below line of muzzle. Long profuse feathering.

NECK : Relatively short and thick.

BODY : Relatively short, distinct waist. Topline : Level. Chest : Broad and well sprung ribs slung between forelegs.

TAIL : Set high, carried tightly, slightly curved over back to either side. Long feathering.


FOREQUARTERS : General appearance : Relatively short, thick, heavily boned forelegs. Standing well up on feet, not down on pasterns. Absolute soundness essential. Shoulders : Laid back and fitting smoothly into the body. Elbows : Close to the body. Forearms : Bones of forelegs may be slightly bowed between pasterns and elbows, accommodating ribs. Metacarpus (pastern) : Slightly sloping, strong and not too close together. Front feet : Large and flat, not round. May be slightly turned out. Excessively turned out feet to be heavily penalised.

HINDQUARTERS : General appearance : Hind legs strong and well muscled but moderately lighter than forequarters. Excessively narrow hindquarters to be heavily penalised. Moderate angulation. Absolute soundness essential. Stifles : Well defined. Hocks : Firm, low. Metatarsus (Rear pastern) : Strong, parallel when viewed from the rear. Hind feet : Large and flat, not round. Hind feet point straight ahead.

GAIT/MOVEMENT : Typically slow, dignified rolling gait in front. Typical movement must not be confused with a roll caused by slackness of shoulders or with other indications of unsoundness. Any slackness of shoulders and elbows, and any indications of unsoundness in feet and pasterns to be heavily penalised. Movement not to be hindered by excessive body coat.


HAIR : Moderately long, straight with mane, not extending beyond shoulders, forming a cape around neck. Top coat coarse with thick, softer undercoat. Feathering on ears, back of legs, tail and toes. Length and volume of coat should neither impair the activity of the dog nor obscure the shapeliness of body. Excessive coat must be heavily penalised.

COLOUR : All colours and markings are permissible and of equal merit, except albino or liver. Parti-colours evenly broken.

SIZE/WEIGHT: Ideal weight not exceeding 5 kg for males and 5.4 females. Dogs should look small but be surprisingly heavy when picked up; heavy bone and a sturdy well-built body are essentials of the breed.

Airedale TerrierAkita InuAlaskan MalamuteAmerican BulldogAmerican BullyAmerican Cocker SpanielAmerican Staffordshire TerrierAnglo-français de petite vénerieAppenzeller SennenhundAustralian Cattle DogAustralian ShepherdBasset HoundBeagleBelgian Shepherd Dog - MalinoisBernese Mountain DogBichon FriséBiewer yorkshire terrierBohemian ShepherdBolognese dogBolonkaBoomerBorder CollieBoston TerrierBoxerBull TerrierBullmastiffCairn terrierCane CorsoCavalier King Charles SpanielChihuahuaChinese Crested DogChow ChowCoton de TulearCrossbreedDalmatianDobermannDogo ArgentinoDogue de BordeauxDutch Shepherd DogEnglish BulldogEnglish Cocker SpanielEnglish PointerEnglish Springer SpanielFlat coated retrieverFox TerrierFrench BulldogGerman PinscherGerman ShepherdGolddust Yorkshire TerrierGolden RetrieverGordor SetterGreat DaneGriffon BruxelloisHavaneseHovawartHungarian VizslaIrish SetterItalian GreyhoundJack RussellJapanese ChinKuvaszLabrador RetrieverLandseerLeonbergerLhasa ApsoMalteseMexican Hairless DogMiniature Bull TerrierMixMudiNeapolitan MastiffNewfoundlandOld English Sheepdog (Bobtail)PapillonPekingesePeruvian Inca OrchidPetit BrabanconPinscherPomeranianPoodlePortuguese Water DogPowder PuffPrague RatterPugPuggleRhodesian RidgebackRottweilerRusskiy ToySaint-BernardSamoyedSchnauzerScotch CollieScottish TerrierShar PeiShetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)Shiba InuShih TzuSiberian HuskySmall SpitzSpitz SmallStaffordshire Bull TerrierSwiss White ShepherdTeckelTervurenThai RidgebackTibetan MastiffWeimaranerWelsh CorgiWelsh TerrierWest Highland White TerrierWhippetWolfspitzYorkshire Terrier