Scottish Terrier

ORIGIN: Great Britain.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The Scottish Terrier Club was formed in 1882, a year after the first standard for the breed was drawn up, and just three years after the start of the breed as we know it today by Capt Gordon Murray. He was strongly supported by the founder and first chairman of the Kennel Club, Mr Sewallis Evelyn Shirley. The public image of this short-legged terrier from the Highlands is often that of a dour Scot, but to his family and friends he is affectionate and cheerful although he will soon rouse himself at the slightest sound, with protectiveness as he prepares to guard his house and home.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Thick-set, of suitable size to go to ground, which would preclude dogs of excessive body weight,short-legged, alert in carriage and suggestive of great power and activity in small compass. Head gives impression of being long for size of dog. Very agile and active in spite of short legs.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: Skull and foreface of equal length.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Loyal and faithful. Dignified, independent and reserved, but courageous and highly intelligent. Bold, but never aggressive.

HEAD Long without being out of proportion to size of dog. Carried on muscular neck of moderate length showing quality.

CRANIAL REGION: Skull: Nearly flat. Length of skull enabling it to be fairly wide and yet retain narrow appearance. Stop: Slight but distinct stop between skull and foreface just in front of eye.

FACIAL REGION: Nose: Black. Large, and, in profile, the line from nose towards chin appears to slope backwards. Muzzle: Foreface strongly constructed and deep throughout. Jaws / Teeth: Teeth large with perfect and regular scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Cheeks: Cheek bones not protruding. Eyes: Almond-shaped, dark brown, fairly wide apart, well set under eyebrows with keen, intelligent expression. Ears: Neat, fine texture, pointed, erect and set on top of skull but not too close together. Large, wide-based ears highly undesirable.

NECK: Muscular and of moderate length showing quality.

BODY: Topline: Straight and level. Back: Proportionately short and very muscular. Loin: Muscular and deep. Chest: Fairly broad and hung between forelegs. Well rounded ribs flattening to deep chest and carried well back. Powerfullycoupling ribs to hindquarters.

TAIL: Moderate length giving general balance to dog, thick at root and tapering towards tip. Set on with upright carriage or slight bend.


FOREQUARTERS: General appearance: Brisket well in front of forelegs. Shoulder: Long, sloping. Elbow: Must not be out nor placed under body. Forearm: Straight, well boned. Metacarpus (Pastern): Straight. Forefeet: Good size, well padded, toes well arched and close-knit, forefeet slightly larger than hind feet.

HINDQUARTERS: General appearance: Remarkably powerful for size of dog. Big, wide buttocks. Thigh: Deep. Stifle (Knee): Well bent. Metatarsus (Rear pastern): Hocks short, strong, turning neither in nor out. Hind feet: Good size, well padded, toes well arched and close-knit,

hind feet slightly smaller than forefeet.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Smooth and free, straight both back and front with drive from behind and level gait throughout.

COAT: Hair: Close-lying, double coat; undercoat short, dense and soft; outer coat harsh, dense and wiry, together making a weather-resisting covering.

Colour: Black, wheaten or brindle of any shade.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Height at the withers: 25 – 28 cms. Weight: 8,5 -10,5 kgs.

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