Welsh Terrier

ORIGIN: Great Britain.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The Welsh Terrier is a breed with a truly working background, he is perhaps rather less exuberant than some of the other members of his group. Like so many of his cousins, he was originally used in hunting the fox, badger and even otter. The Welsh and Lakeland Terriers, which have considerable similarity, may well have had a common origin prior to the Roman invasion of Britain when their Celtic owners retreated to the Welsh mountains and the Lake District. He is a neat, workmanlike dog with a tight wiry coat normally of black and tan.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Smart, workmanlike, well-balanced and compact.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, obedient and easily controlled. Happy and volatile, rarely of shy nature. Game and fearless but definitely not aggressive although at all times able to hold his own when necessary


CRANIAL REGION: Skull: Flat, of moderate width between ears. Stop: Not too defined.

FACIAL REGION: Nose: Black. Muzzle: Medium length from stop to end of nose. Jaws / Teeth: Jaws powerful, clean cut, rather deep and punishing; strong with perfect, regular scissor bite, i. e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Eyes: Relatively small, dark, expression indicative of temperament. A round, full eye undesirable. Ears: V-shaped, small, leathers not too thin, set on fairly high, carried forward and close to cheek.

NECK: Moderate length and thickness, slightly arched and sloping gracefully into shoulders.

BODY: Back: Short. Loin: Strong. Chest: Good depth and moderate width. Well ribbed up.

TAIL: Previously customarily docked. Docked: Well set on. Carried erect but not too gaily. Undocked: Well set on. Carried erect but not too gaily. In overall balance with the rest of dog.


FOREQUARTERS: Shoulder: Long, sloping and well set back. Elbow: Perpendicular to body, working free of sides. Forearm: Legs straight and muscular, possessing ample bone. Metacarpus (Pastern): Upright and powerful. Forefeet: Small, round and cat-like.

HINDQUARTERS: General appearance: Strong. Thigh: Muscular, of good length.

Metatarsus (Rear pastern): Hocks well bent, well let down and with ample bone. Hind feet: Small, round and cat-like.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Fore-and hindlegs carried straight forward and parallel. Elbows move perpendicular to body, working free of sides, stifles turning neither in nor out.

COAT: Hair: Wiry, hard, very close and abundant. Single coat undesirable.

Colour: Black and tan for preference, or black grizzle and tan, free from black pencilling on toes. Black below hocks most undesirable.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Height at the withers: Not exceeding 39 cms. Weight: 9 – 9,5 kgs.