Scotch Collie
Scotch Collie

Scotch Collie

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The Collie dog breed is native to Scotland, especially the Highland areas, but also bred in the Scottish Lowlands and northern England, where they were used primarily as sheepdogs. They make great family companions and are still skilled sheepdogs.


The Collie is native to Scotland, mainly the Highland areas. He is called Collis, Colley, Coally, and Coaly, names that probably derive from col or coll, the Anglo-Saxon word for black. However, some historians believe the name comes from the colley, the black-faced Scottish sheep, which the Collie dog used to guard.

The original Collies were closer in size and shape to today's Border Collies, and they were predominantly black. The ability to herd a flock was more important than appearance, so the dogs varied greatly in appearance.

Stone Age nomads brought dogs to what is now southern England, and from this evolved a hardened, intelligent dog that was used to herd sheep, cattle, goats and pigs. Some historians say that the Collie's specific ancestors were brought to the British Isles by Roman conquerors some two thousand years ago.

Queen Victoria was given the honor of resurrecting Collies from oblivion. In 1860, she visited her estate in Scotland and fell in love with the beautiful appearance and gentle temperament of the Collies she saw. She took some of them back to England, and thus began the first Collie craze.


The Collie is sweet, friendly and gentle. The Collie is a family dog and enjoys being part of all household activities. Especially fond of children, the Collie loves to play with them and watch over them protectively.

As if these qualities were not positive enough, the Collie adds to them with its intelligence and loyalty. This dog is smart and learns quickly.