Pup-ID: 002042035


  • Female
  • 25 February 2024
  • Beige
  • Half-long haired
  • Vaccinated
  • Dewormed
  • Chipped
  • Registered
  • European passport
  • Written Guarantee

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The Maltipoo is not actually a breed of dog, but a popular cross between the Maltese and the Poodle, known for their fun-loving and affectionate nature. Active and charming, they fit into all types of homes: apartment or house, family with children or elderly single.


The Maltipoo was created to be a small breed companion dog for people with allergies. Whether he is truly hypoallergenic is up for debate; each dog is different in the amount of allergens he produces, but in any case he is a charming little ball of fluff with growing popularity.

Maltipoos have enjoyed the affection of celebrities and are one of the more popular of the so-called designer breeds. Most litters are the result of first-generation crosses between Maltese and Poodles, but some people also breed Maltipoos to Maltipoos.


This is an intelligent, affectionate, fun-loving dog who generally gets along well with everyone he meets. Maltipoos are gentle and affectionate. They enjoy spending their days on their owner's lap or walking alongside them. They can also be active and spirited, and enjoy a good play session as much as they enjoy a long cuddle. They are alert and make excellent watchdogs, but don't count on them to provide any kind of protection.