Pup-ID: 007996335


  • Female
  • 26 November 2023
  • Gold
  • Vaccinated
  • Dewormed
  • Chipped
  • Registered
  • European passport
  • Written Guarantee

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The Goldendoodle is a "designer dog", a cross between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Like all designer "breeds," this Doodle is not really its own breed, but a crossbreed - and in this case, a cross that is enjoying growing popularity.


The Goldendoodle is considered one of the newest "Doodle", or poodle mix, breeds. Breeding began in the 1990s, after both the Cockapoo and the Labradoodle had gained a foothold. The theory behind the development of the Goldendoodle was to create a larger Doodle that retained the desired poodle-less, low-shedding coat and possessed the intelligent and friendly nature of the Golden Retriever.

The fact that the Goldendoodle is still a fairly young cross means that most of the puppies are the result of first-generation breeding. That is, most are Golden Retriever and Poodle mixes; until now, breeding between pairs of Goldendoodles has been rare.

Despite the fact that the Goldendoodle has gained popularity, especially in Australia, there is still no breed association or registry. However, there are several online communities for the Goldendoodle lover and owner. The Goldendoodle's popularity is still rising, and many believe it will surpass that of other Doodle breeds.


The Goldendoodle has become popular for good reason. His positive personality traits are numerous - he endears himself to everyone he meets with his friendly, intelligent, accepting nature.

He is usually very affectionate, gentle and patient and makes a great family friend, especially since he actively enjoys human company. He is loyal and, with proper training, can be very obedient. He has a playful side and can be mischievous when the mood strikes.