Because of the Corona measures, the kennel can only be visited by appointment.
If you want to visit a puppy, we ask you to contact us by phone: +32 497 38 02 11
Use the WEBID number of the puppy as a reference.
Please respect the following guidelines:
- Use a mouth mask
- Disinfect hands
- Social distancing: 1.5 m

Welcome to Dog Kennel Debrabandere!

Welcome to our website!


Welcome to our website! It's always up-to-date.
We hope you enjoy it ...

The thirty first anniversary is a fact, but we are not at rest. We are stilll THE reference for those looking for a nice puppy!

It is evident that we do our very best to satisfy our puppies and their new owners.

Why we have been working with dogs for so long is perhaps the most important question.
From a deep-seated attraction for dogs, just like the first people in prehistoric times were attracted to the wolves, we bred some litters of our family dogs.
The passion for the different types of dogs and their puppies was so great that it eventually became a day-to-day activity that was converted into a professional activity. Dierenhof Debrabandere was born.

When the question is asked how and where we get the knowledge to deal with so many different breeds, it is a foregone conclusion: 30 years x 365 days being occupied professionally with dogs and puppies: it is a passion, you have it or you don't.

How we do it:
We are recognized by the Ministry of Animal Welfare under the number HK15306777.
Because our hunger for knowledge about our puppies has never been quiet, we actively participate in training courses at veterinarians, certified animal nurses and behavioral experts, animal welfare programs, seminars and committees. The hygiene and health of our puppies is one of our greatest strengths, through the application of strict medical supervision

This allows us to provide you with REAL expert advice. You can ALWAYS contact us with your questions, even if you are unsure whether a particular breed suits you or your family.

Looking for a nice puppy, visit us without obligation.

See you soon!

The "Dierenhof Debrabandere" Team