The Frug is a small dog with a big personality. Sure, the name might sound a little unappealing, but personality is what counts, right? These designer dogs make adorable pets for families of all shapes and sizes: from singles and retirees to families with older children. With cute looks and a sweet, accommodating temperament, the Frug is sure to be a dream come true for many future pet owners! There are not many drawbacks to the Frug, as long as you can get over the name.


Not much is known about the origins of most individual designer dog breeds. Some of the older or more prominent crosses have a well-documented history, but the rest are not as lucky. There just isn't much information available, despite the rapid increase in popularity of crossbreeds. The reason for this is that crossbreeds have always been around. In fact, there have certainly been many French Bulldog and Pug mixes throughout history, they just happened by accident. The difference between these mixes and designer dogs is that the latter were bred on purpose, with the aim of developing a new and improved breed.


Frugs seek attention, so they like to spend as much time as possible around their families. You will probably find your dog following you around the house, looking for ways to make you happy and waiting for you to interact with him. This can be either delightful or annoying, depending on your mood, but at least you will never be bored with a Frug around. They just won't let you.

These cheerful, curious and playful dogs get along well with children of all ages (provided, of course, that the children in question know how to handle animals carefully). And if you have other pets or other dogs, the Frug gets along fine with them too (even with cats).

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