Anglo-français de petite vénerie

ORIGIN : France.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Balanced and solidly built dog, but without heaviness. Seen in profile, his outline must lean towards that of a well established French hound.

HEAD : Elongated, not too broad, occipital crest not too accentuated.

CRANIAL REGION : Skull : Slightly convex, without being domed. Stop : Barely marked.

FACIAL REGION : Nose : Well pigmented, nostrils well open. Muzzle : Moderately elongated, appearence a little pointed; bridge of the nose straight or slightly arched. Lips : The upper lip covers the lower lip. Eyes : Big, brown, with a soft but lively expression. Leathers : Finely attached below the eye level line, flexible, slightly turned, of medium width and reaching at least by two fingers the border of the nose.

NECK : Clean, without dewlap.

BODY : Back : Firm and straight. Loin : Quite short and muscled. Croup : Slightly inclined and quite long. Chest : Let down, reaching at least the point of the elbow, well developed. Ribs long and moderately rounded. Flank : Quite full, a little tucked up but without a whippety look.

TAIL : Of medium length, quite fine, well set in the extension of the loin line, with thick hair, but without some longer and coarser, slightly offstanding hairs (like ears of grain) towards the tip.


FOREQUARTERS : General appearance : Sufficiently strong, broad and straight. Shoulders : Shoulder blade long, flat and sloping, well attached to the chest.

HINDQUARTERS : Thighs : Muscular and deep. Hocks : Slightly bent and quite close to the ground.

FEET : Lean and tight.

SKIN : Fine, without folds, firm tissues.


HAIR : Short, dense and smooth.


  • Tricolour : white and black with bright tan markings, black nose.
  • White and black with pale tan markings, black nose.
  • Bicolour : white and orange, brown (tobacco) nose.


SIZE : Height at the withers : 48 -56 cm. With a minimal and maximum tolerance of 2 cm for the exceptional subjects.