Feisty, small and cute, the Malchi will win you over with their friendly and fun personality. This fairly recent designer dog breed is the result of crossing a Chihuahua with a Maltese, in an attempt to create a small purebred dog that exhibits the best traits of both parent breeds. These dogs usually have soft and fluffy coats, small stature, and hearts that are too big for their small bodies. Somewhat sassy yet very affectionate - there is never a dull day with one of these crossbreeds by your side.


Malchi is a fairly new designer dog breed, but despite their recent rise in popularity, this breed does not have a well-documented history. In fact, like most designer dog breeds, Malchi's origins are a bit murky and mysterious! There have probably been a few accidental pairings of Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs throughout history, but the moment when breeders began deliberately crossing these two purebreds, in an attempt to create an entirely new type of dog - has not been recorded. Of course, we can still guess at the period in which the breed likely originated. The craze for designer dog breeds peaked in the '00s, so it's safe to assume that's when the Malchi was first created.


Combining the feisty, cheeky Chihuahua and the sweet, affectionate Maltese in one dog has produced some interesting results - Malchis are extremely charming, with just the right dose of spunk and enthusiasm, but also real cuddly animals. These dogs have a strong bond with their owners and are always at their owners' side, wanting to be involved in every activity and event in the household. After all, they consider themselves the star of every event! Machis are lap dogs through and through, so they will love curling up in your lap while you watch Netflix and will appreciate cuddles at any time of day.

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