Biro Yorkshire Terrier

Biro Yorkshire Terrier

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The Biro Yorkshire terrier is a Biewer with an extraordinary chocolate color. An interesting combination of dark chocolate color on a white background and addition of golden color on the head makes a Biro Yorkshire terrier dog a very attractive and exclusive phenomenon!


The first Biro Yorkshire terrier puppy was a bitch named "Art of Highclass Relight My Chocolate Fire", born on December 1, 2004 in the "Art of Highclass" Kennel of the famous German breeders Roberto Krah and J. Lutz. It was this bitch who became the first registered representative of the Biro Yorkshire terrier breed in the world.


These dogs are intelligent yet independent. This combination makes the breed courageous and able to think for themselves. They can be a bit stubborn or short-tempered when it comes to listening to commands because they know what they want. They are also brave when it comes to new things and are not afraid to figure things out for themselves. Even with their strong personalities, the Biro is still friendly and likes to be around people. They crave affection and are very happy with their human companions.