Flat coated retriever

ORIGIN : Great Britain.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : A bright, active dog of medium size with an intelligent expression, showing power without lumber, and raciness without weediness.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Generously endowed with natural gundog ability, optimism and friendliness demonstrated by enthusiastic tail action; confident and kindly.

HEAD : Long and nicely moulded.

CRANIAL REGION : Skull : Flat and moderately broad. Stop : Slight stop between eyes, in no way accentuated, avoiding a down or dish-faced appearance.

FACIAL REGION : Nose : Good size, with open nostrils. Jaws/Teeth : Jaws long and strong, capable of carrying a hare or a pheasant, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Teeth sound and strong. Eyes : Medium size, dark brown or hazel, with a very intelligent expression (a round prominent eye highly undesirable). Not obliquely placed.

Ears : Small and well set on, close to side of head.

NECK : Head well set in neck, the latter reasonably long and free from throatiness, symmetrically set and obliquely placed in shoulders, running well into the back to allow for easy seeking of trail.

BODY : Loin : Short and square. Open couplings highly undesirable. Chest : Deep and fairly broad, with well defined brisket. Foreribs fairly flat. Body well ribbed up showing a gradual spring and well arched in centre but rather lighter towards quarters.

TAIL : Short, straight and well set on, gaily carried, but never much above level of back.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs straight, with bone of good quality throughout. Elbow : Moving cleanly and evenly on chest. Forefeet : Round and strong with toes close and well arched. Soles thick and strong.

HINDQUARTERS : Muscular. Should stand true all round. Stifle : Moderate bend. Hock : Moderate bend, well let down. Cowhocks highly undesirable. Hind feet : Round and strong with toes close and well arched. Soles thick and strong.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Free and flowing, straight and true as seen from front and rear.


Hair : Dense, of fine to medium texture and good quality, as flat as possible. Legs and tail well feathered. Full furnishings on maturity complete the elegance of a good dog.

COLOUR : Black or liver only.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Preferred height: Dogs: 59 -61,5 cm (23-24 ins), Bitches: 56,5 -59 cm (22-23 ins). Preferred weight in hard condition: Dogs: 27 -36 kg (60-80 lbs), Bitches : 25 -32 kg (55-70 lbs).

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